Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Some unussual food

I watched on Tv a couple of interesting films about molekular cooking. Its brand new, its unussual, its great. I found very interesting frozen olive oil in shape of rain! This is basic things about it, in case you have never heard about it!

,,Imagine an orb shaped dish brimming with fluorescent orange foam is placed in front of you. As you place the spoon on your tongue, the foam vanishes leaving behind nothing more than the essence of fresh, sweet carrots lingering in the back of your throat.
A single peeled grape, still attached to its stem, is dipped in creamy peanut butter and then wrapped in a gossamer sheath of brioche. In a play on a childhood classic, it elicits at once the comfort of familiarity and the shock of the completely unexpected.
Progress for the Food Movement's SakeDespite the ultra-modern equipment and strangely presented food, the goal is not to completely alter the concept of cooking, but rather to find a new way of expanding on a foundation that has been building for centuries.
Ferran AdriĆ , the chef/owner of the restaurant El Bulli, explains it as a way of using "new techniques to elicit new emotions." He considers this type of cuisine a play on tradition, one which is at once both familiar and jolting.
The term molecular gastronomy conjures images of laboratory derived experiments more than a dining experience, but in most cases it's actually both. Many practitioners do create in laboratories, which are simply modern kitchens outfitted with new high-tech equipment.
Anti-Griddle. A reverse cook top that instantaneously, at minus 30 degrees, transforms liquids to frozen solids.
Sous vides cookers. Food encased in plastic is placed in water and slowly cooked at a precisely maintained temperature.
CO2 dispenser. Converts practically any liquid into an ethereal froth or foam.
As the meal progresses, however, facial expressions alone seemingly capture the essence of the entire philosophy. With each bite his expression shifts from fear to curiosity to confusion and ultimately morphs into to a huge smile that at once exudes the whimsy of childlike wonderment and the realization that the concept does make sense. You cannot help but smile along with him.The intent of molecular gastronomy is consistent with the chapters of the culinary movement that have preceded it-innovation, amusement, inspiration, and ultimately pleasure."
Is this a future? Can be.We will see.
Think about this!

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