Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Serbian national kitchen-original recipes 1.part

In future, I will share with you many nationals kitchens. I will start with mine, and continue with the I love to.
All this recipes are Serbian, mostly are very healthy, cjeap and fast.
So, enjoy in this :)

I will start with one of the most popular serbian-balcanian meal.

Cheese Burek

You will need:
2-3 eggs
cheese cream
salt to taste.
600 g leaf crust for baking
150 g of salty cheese
How to make it:
Grease a bit the baking pan, then place into a two or three crusts so that the edges of crusts hang down around the outside of the pan.
In a medium sized bowl stir eggs until blended, add cheese and cream cheese and stir well with a fork or a whisk, and salt to taste.
Crumble cheese as desired, and other bark crease and arrange them in a baking pan one to the other, sprinkle with cheese and those prepared topping with eggs. At the end of lap one ends through complex crust, add some of the remaining of those prepared topping with eggs (just a little without crumbled cheese) and put to bake in the strong temperature.
Usually, burek ut into a quarters or eighths with a bakery knife.

TIPS:Although there are other ingredients with which it can be filled (meat, pizza ingredients, mushroom), burek with cheese is the most popular.

Serbin pancakes

Main difference between this and american pancakes are in tickness!
You will need:
oil for frying
3 eggs
1 / 2 kg flour
1 / 2 liter milk

and then:Well whisk egg, add flour, put a little salt and add milk.
Mix continuously to become equal weight with no blob. Put some oil in a frying pan and put on stove to heat up well.
At the heated oil, pour a small ladle batter and immediately spread quickly in a pan to make pancakes that were thin. As soon as one side turn over and fry bake another.Ready-made pancakes you can pour the jam, nuts, sugar, or euro-cream, and roll in the reel. Serve hot.
Enjoy :)

Fried dough

This is quite fast meal for breakfat, brunch or whatever you feel like.
You will need:
250g flour
1 sachet of baking powder (12g)
1 / 4 l oil.
4 eggs
1 cup of sour cream (2 dl)

Preparation and cooking of these fried dough without yeast takes about 20 minutes.
It is served with white Serbian cream cheese or jam, with sour milk, regular milk or tea.
In mixing bowl break the eggs, mix them, add cream, mix on and gradually pour the flour with baking powder and salt. Continuing rile mixer or wire until the dough is completely equal. Leave it for about ten minutes to settle the interference.
During this time in less pan heat oil. Spoon drop the dough in the pan and bake in a moderate temperature. When fried dough become flush with all sides, remove them and dispose of a small strainer into a bowl.
Drop new dough and bake until the dough to spend. Serve warm.
TIPS:You can serve this with whatever you want like nutella, cheese, sour creme.

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