Thursday, March 31, 2011



You need:
-300g ground almonds
-200g sugar powder
-strawberry aroma
-2 egg white
-200 g granulated sugar

And now:
Mix all until you got homogeneous mixture.With hands made strawberry form and than roll it in sugar and left to chill.Yummy!


You need:
-250g powdered sugar
-4 egg whites
Tip:you can add almond or nuts

Now lets make them:
Mix egg whites very good,slowly add powdered sugar and 1/2 lemon juice.Mix it well and put on oiled brass with coffee spoon.Now add almond or nuts, if you wish.These cookies do not bake,they are drying!Yummy!


You need:
-300g turkish delightes
-200g cooking chocolate
-20g margarins
-200g baked sesame

You have to :
melt turkish on small fire, add there melted chocolate,and add bakes sesame.Leave it for a while and then, on oil base, put mixture and than chop it to look like bombone.Left for an hour and enjoy.

ROSE JUICE-liqueur

You need:
-1 l brandy
-leaves of roses and roses

Lets start:
Fresh leaves and roses put in brandy and left that in open bottle for 40 days-be careful because it can boil.After that, 1kg of sugar boil in 1/2 l of water and then put juice in this,left to chill, put in bottle and keep in on there before the usage!


You need:
-25 pieces of big flower elder
-5kg sugar
-2 small bags of preservative
-10 small bags of lemon acid (I cant translate it right but it is something like conzervans :D)

Lets start:
In big dish put 5l of water,this lemon thing and sugar.
Elder flower put last, on the bottom.Left for 24 h and mix it time by time until the sugar melt.
After a day, strain it well,add preservative and pour in bottles.Enjoy!


You need:
-1 l milk
-1 kg sugar
-two lemon juice
-2-3 vanila branch
-5 dl clear alcohol
-2 dl watter

Lets start:
Put sugar,lemon juice,vanila,alcohol in milk.Leave it 7-8 days on 20 degrees and shake it well time by time.After 7,8 days, decant it well and drink it with enjoy!
Some random pictures of my last kitchen session and desert after :)


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