Thursday, March 31, 2011



You need:
-300g ground almonds
-200g sugar powder
-strawberry aroma
-2 egg white
-200 g granulated sugar

And now:
Mix all until you got homogeneous mixture.With hands made strawberry form and than roll it in sugar and left to chill.Yummy!


You need:
-250g powdered sugar
-4 egg whites
Tip:you can add almond or nuts

Now lets make them:
Mix egg whites very good,slowly add powdered sugar and 1/2 lemon juice.Mix it well and put on oiled brass with coffee spoon.Now add almond or nuts, if you wish.These cookies do not bake,they are drying!Yummy!


You need:
-300g turkish delightes
-200g cooking chocolate
-20g margarins
-200g baked sesame

You have to :
melt turkish on small fire, add there melted chocolate,and add bakes sesame.Leave it for a while and then, on oil base, put mixture and than chop it to look like bombone.Left for an hour and enjoy.

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