Thursday, March 31, 2011

ROSE JUICE-liqueur

You need:
-1 l brandy
-leaves of roses and roses

Lets start:
Fresh leaves and roses put in brandy and left that in open bottle for 40 days-be careful because it can boil.After that, 1kg of sugar boil in 1/2 l of water and then put juice in this,left to chill, put in bottle and keep in on there before the usage!


You need:
-25 pieces of big flower elder
-5kg sugar
-2 small bags of preservative
-10 small bags of lemon acid (I cant translate it right but it is something like conzervans :D)

Lets start:
In big dish put 5l of water,this lemon thing and sugar.
Elder flower put last, on the bottom.Left for 24 h and mix it time by time until the sugar melt.
After a day, strain it well,add preservative and pour in bottles.Enjoy!


You need:
-1 l milk
-1 kg sugar
-two lemon juice
-2-3 vanila branch
-5 dl clear alcohol
-2 dl watter

Lets start:
Put sugar,lemon juice,vanila,alcohol in milk.Leave it 7-8 days on 20 degrees and shake it well time by time.After 7,8 days, decant it well and drink it with enjoy!

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